Nathan Airchime is the world's leading producer of railroad audible warning devices (locomotive air horns) and associated devices. The Company is engaged in the design, manufacture, distribution and aftermarket servicing of its proprietary products on a worldwide basis as well as providing world-renowned support to locomotive OEMs and railroads for technical and regulatory problem resolution.

Nathan Airchime strives to be the world’s leading manufacturer of audible signaling devices (train horns) and to distinguish itself in the following manner:

  • Customer satisfaction. We believe that regardless of the product or service a company offers, the quality of human relationships ultimately determines a customer's level of satisfaction and loyalty. By appreciating each customer as an individual, and striving to treat them as we ourselves expect to be treated, the opportunity for a successful long-term business relationship is maintained.
  • Competitive pricing. We recognize that the market success of our customer's products is often determined by their end cost. Each of our products is designed to achieve high quality at a reasonable price.
  • Individualized technical support. Nathan Airchime is willing to work with each customer to ensure optimum performance and satisfaction with our products. Public safety is our number one priority.
  • Market focus. Nathan Airchime has attempted to identify specific areas of existing and emerging needs in the transportation industry and respond to that opportunity with a unique combination of products and support.
  • Defining technology. Nathan's product line encompasses not only traditional horn designs but also alternatives that open new worlds of design options to suit different operating conditions and needs. Nathan Airchime desires to be not only a successful sound signal (audible warning) devices supplier but also an industry innovator. An example of this innovation is our recently developed, market leading heated technology to address horn failure from ice and snow build up during extreme winter conditions.
  • Custom capabilities. Does your product call for something different? Nathan Airchime not only offers a broad range of standard and custom design products to suite your needs and requirements, but we also offer equivalent competitor packages on current horn installations in terms of fit, form and function.
  • Just in time and on time delivery. We make every effort to ensure customers get their products as needed.
  • By combining responsive customer service, individualized technical support, top- notch quality products, outstanding value and custom design capabilities, on time delivery, and competitive pricing, Nathan Airchime hopes to be your horn supplier of choice.